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How does it work?

It’s just a storage drawer that is matched to a standard 5 ¼” expansion Bay. Open it, then store your stuff!
What Can I store in it?

Anything! That’s the beauty of it. You can put your CDs (Emergency recovery disks), memory card and other media (Compact Flash, SD, Memory Sticks, Zip disks…), Candy, your wallet, important warranty/support contact information for your system, playing cards, pens, loose change, vitamins, tools or whatever else is taking up space on your desk because you want it near your computer!

So how much can I store in there?

The GNew box can hold about 20 bare CDs.
Does it come in any other colors?

The GNew box can be made and designed to match any system or color.

What is the durability or life of this product?

The GnewBox is constructed of high grade ABS plastic which will probably last longer than your computer! You can install it, move it or remove it as many times as you like.
How is it installed?

Use standard screw fasteners (x4) similar to any 5 ¼” drive. That is it!